Sound Training:

Daley Beat offers an array of training for sound people and engineers. We can offer training on existing and or new sound equipment. The fundamentals of how a worship service should sound like and what can be done to help with clarity.

Training includes but not limited to:

  • Board setup
  • Mic configurations
  • Use of monitor systems, both stage and or personal
  • Basic EQ
  • Basic Effects
  • Mic placement
  • Ownership
  • And much more.

The training is meant to give your sound personal the ability to master the basic techniques in running, operating and maintaining a sound system.

For more information and time, please contact

Sound Evaluation and Consulting:

When it comes to a sound system, there are a lot of variables and more than a few wrong ways to install, run and maintain a sound system, not including the pricing.

Here at Daley Beat, we believe that you should always have someone on your side. From the beginning we believe that our relationship is key as well as communications. We are here for you and to help when and where needed. We can review your system and help with any and all of your needs. If we don’t have the answer, we will find out for you.

Evaluations can consist of the room, equipment and even instrument placement. When looking at a new or even an out of date system, we will look at ways to help get the most out of your system and or work with you on the best system to fit your needs.

Sound productions and rentals:

Are you in the need of a sound personal for an event, day, weekend, or month? We can help you out. From the small store opening to a major event, if you are looking for someone to come in, who is professional, courteous, and well equipped; we can help.

We also run sound for ministries services, outreach programs. There is no event to big or small, so if you need a hand, feel free to contact Daley Beat.


Negotiations, Project Management and Installs:

One or our strong suits is Negotiations. We again are here for you. Our job is to go out and find the best prices, warranties, and service for the money. This includes products and contractors. We have worked for many years in other industries to perfect the negotiations and project management areas of our business. Not only that, but we pride ourselves on our communications with our customers.

Although Daley Beat works with installers in the area, basic board, monitor and smaller install projects can be handled internally. When looking at bigger projects, we look to the professionals

Equipment Sales:

Daley Beat is a distributor of many products including instruments, accessories and Pro Audio equipment. We are able to fit your needs and price competitive.

Some of the equipment we carry but not limited to:

Drums: Crush Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Zildjian Cymbals, Vic Firth, Pro-Mark and Vater sticks, Evans and Remo drum heads.

Guitars: Sublime Guitar Company, Blackbird Pedal Board, Decibel 11, George L, Mission Engineering, Mojo Hand FX, Emerson, and Porter Pickups.

Pro Audio: Ultimate Ears Pro in Ears, Shure systems, Audio Technica, Sennheiser.

A big advantage to using Daley Beat is our monthly or bi-monthly accessory services. This services is used for most consumables like strings, sticks and drum heads and can be used in conjunction with our tech services. These services include drum, guitar and sound equipment technical services that can be set up at a specific date. No more rushing to find strings, sticks or heads, we can take care of that.

Along with maintenance, Daley Beat can offer training to your players to help maintain their equipment at peak performance between overhauls. This can include, drum tuning, string setup, cable maintenance and much more.

Let us know your needs and we can help.