About Us

Started 2007, retail drum equipment, teaching, playing drums and running sound for a local band.

2009 stopped selling, but continued teaching, playing and running sound.
2010 to 2012 moved to Florida and continued teaching and running sound for Ministries.
2012 to present started working with Ministries, playing drums, sound engineering and sound insulation.
2013 to present, started training Ministry volunteers and consulting with sound insulations, organizational management and communication techniques.
2014 started working with AV supplies and project management and running production for corporate accounts

Andy Daley

Andy has been playing drums off and on for 32 years, running sound for 9 years and training sound guys for the last 3 years. With this experience he has been installing sound systems for the last 3 years while also working with ministries to help reorganize and add structure for the last year. He has a bachelors in Organizational Management, and Masters in Ethical and Servant Leadership with an emphasis in Verbal Communications. He is the owner and original mastermind behind Daley Beat.

Joey Daley
CEO - ``The Realistic One``

Joey, Andy’s wife, has been playing piano since she was young and has an Associates in Accounting, Bachelors in Organizational Management and Ethical Leadership and Written Communications. While she has a full time day job, she runs things in the background of Daley Beat making sure we stay grounded and realistic in all we pursue.

Erin Bazemore
Marketing - ``Media Master``

Erin has been playing acoustic and electric guitar for 13 years, along the way she learned bass guitar, ukulele, banjo as well. Within her musical life she has focused her playing within ministry worship teams. Academically she has bachelors in Marketing and Management, utilizing these to manage the marketing for the company. More specifically she handles photography/videography, graphics, and website design for Daley Beat.

Our Awesome Work

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Daley Beat is a unique business. We work with ministries as a mobile music store and consultant, but also work withing businesses to take the stress of sound at their event off their minds. Here are some of the services we offer:

Sound Teching

Andy is an experienced sound tech that can run sound for events or ministry services.

On-Site Demos

Musical equipment is expensive, and sometimes we buy something without truly knowing it. Daley Beat offers on-site demos so you can try before you buy.


Not sure what your music ministry truly needs? We are here to guide you in developing a system that works.

Equipment Rentals

When you aren’t in the market to purchase or have a special event coming up: rent the equipment from us.


It is one thing to plan what you need and another to make it happen, let us do the heavy lifting for you with full sound installation services.


Ready to buy? Check out our Reverb.com Store, or talk to us after a demo/rental.


It is our ultimate goal to utilize our experience and God-given talents to nurture ministries in the worship goals.

With our combined experience serving in music ministries, our varied educational backgrounds, and God-Given Talents we want to come to you and be there for your ministry with consulting, installations, demos, rentals, and more, to be sure your congregations worship experiences are not hindered by technical issues.